Man born of Africa, his seed dispersed
by sail and caravan across the earth.
No more as grapes upon the vine,
our oneness lost to the passage of time.
Changing shape and color do we take,
until different tribes is our mistake.
Lost the will to speak as one,
the first of many mistakes has begun.
Imagined differences do we find…,
besieged, they infect our mind.

Cultures form and grow…
some fast, still others slow.
Knowledge spreads in new found ground,
until untold differences abound.
Philosophy, history, church and power
of us create a Babel tower.
Science, our view does change
till we must master our very own stage.
Search for truth as we may,
chaos holds us in its sway.
Evolving changes unseen
eliminate some it would seem.
Then those feeling superior,
their will impose on those seen inferior.

Still the time must come,
when again as grapes upon the vine
a single soul evolves in time