Ford is giving up on making small cars in the United States and plans to move production of its Focus compact cars from the Wayne factory to a new plant under construction in Mexico. There is no doubt that Nafta has played a role in the migration of many American manufacturing jobs to Mexico in the last 22 years. Before the trade agreement, United States automakers barely had a presence in Mexico. Now, Mexico’s car-making work force is about 675,000 strong, according to the Mexican auto industry’s trade association” NYT.

675,000 Mexican Jobs. Want jobs in America; agree to work for Mexican wages and little to no company benefits.

There are no job creators… every corporation wants lower wages, and little to no benefit costs, If you like the current prices for cars they will have to be made elsewhere. It is not just cars by any means, appliances, electronics of all kinds, and on and on….losing America jobs is what keeps profits up and prices low.


Until wages are raised, and prices raised less % wise and we have a middle class with growing disposable income we have no chance.




Man born of Africa, his seed dispersed
by sail and caravan across the earth.
No more as grapes upon the vine,
our oneness lost to the passage of time.
Changing shape and color do we take,
until different tribes is our mistake.
Lost the will to speak as one,
the first of many mistakes has begun.
Imagined differences do we find…,
besieged, they infect our mind.

Cultures form and grow…
some fast, still others slow.
Knowledge spreads in new found ground,
until untold differences abound.
Philosophy, history, church and power
of us create a Babel tower.
Science, our view does change
till we must master our very own stage.
Search for truth as we may,
chaos holds us in its sway.
Evolving changes unseen
eliminate some it would seem.
Then those feeling superior,
their will impose on those seen inferior.

Still the time must come,
when again as grapes upon the vine
a single soul evolves in time



The Republican hierarchy see the voice of reasoned intellect as a force which must be squelched in order to achieve their obscene goal of an oligarchic plutocracy. There is no limit to the indecency, dishonesty, and untruth to which they will denigrate themselves.



Globally there are too many of us to keep meaningfully and gainfully employed. This is only made worse by an endless list of job eliminating technologies; which are designed to reduce employment and increase profits for the 1%. The end result of which is……less disposable income for consumer spending. AND we are a consumer nation



Sadly chaos (madness) is really just starting. Religious fanatics, climate change, polution, over population (with endless ramifications) and so much more. It can only end when we have a serious global co-operative approach that is not one sided opinions weighted with small approach vested interest. We are all one people, who have yet to recognize that fact. NATIONALISM has more down side than up, as well. 9/11 and Paris are but two examples